Hi, I am Talha.
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  • A technophile interested in every aspect of technology, especially the Web
  • Aim to work as a problem solver & as an idea man
  • Working towards establishing myself as a full-stack developer
  • Currently looking for a full-time Software Engineering position, to learn, grow and contribute towards a meaningful mission
  • Lets connect and make the web look pretty one step at a time!


BS Computer Science 2020

Minor in Communication



React Native


Ruby on Rails






Full Stack Software Engineering Intern

Health Care Originals Inc.

Responsible for developing a TypeScript based application (built using the Ionic and Angular framework). The application helps monitor an IoT device, that will let clients with asthma and other respiratory diseases monitor and diagnose their conditions. Current responsibilities include:

  • Updating the application with features to provide with debugging, and other related improvements. Refracting the UI for better interface and ease of accessing the information.
  • Managing an AWS EC2 instance hosting an Express server with a CouchDB database to provide an API back-end. Currently adding new routes and views to cater new features for the mobile app while maintaining RESTful principles.
  • Refactoring current CouchDB design documents to efficiently refresh view indexes, improving performance by ~35%
  • Improving render performance for large HTML text, reducing load-time by 20%

Mobile SDK Developer Co-op

Skillz Inc.

Worked at a fast-paced startup to create software that provides support for over 2 million daily active users. The SDK-team is responsible for creating a cross-platform React Native product, with both native code for Android and iOs. Some of my contributions include:

  • Implemented React Native features to meet specs provided by the product team. Had the opportunity to work with Lottie Animations and integrating them into the SDK
  • Fixed bugs to prepare the SDK for the end of a release cycle, and regression testing it to make sure features are dev-complete. Contributed towards the teams initiative to bring the Android stability from ~80% to 99.5%
  • Created a feature from scratch that helps segment millions of DAU's. It runs a Jenkins job through a Ruby on Rails server, and a React front-end. Added at-least 80% code-coverage using Rspec​ and Jest
  • Improved performance related to rendering animations and scrolling for large lists raising FPS by ~25%
  • Worked in an AGILE setup, and was responsible for planning, estimating and working on an entire feature for release



Spotify, but for Lyrics (Angular + Ionic)

Created a Spotify clone, that looks exactly like the Spotify app, but displays the song lyrics instead. Implemented in Angular + Ionic with integration of an external Musixmatch API. Learned extensive use of the RxJS library for reactively fetching search queries and lyrics. Lazy loaded components to improve initial load times for the application. Created a responsive design to support tablets and browsers.


Realtime priority sorting bar-chart

Created a React npm module that helps visualize live streams of data using a dynamic bar-chart. Worked on reducing re-renders and reflow of the HTML to improve FPS by 20% and creating easy-to-understand API documentation for the end-users. Created a web-socket to continuously fetch from the Twitter API

Subreddit Classifier

Who says what

Collaborated with a team to transform content from upto 3 subreddit’s into feature vectors and labels using scikit-learn. Used vectors to train a support vector classifier and classify which subreddit a comment may belong to. Examined learning curves vs ROC curves for analytics and tuning, achieving an average accuracy of ~76%

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Leonardo Da Vinci

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